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At mio senso, we are very serious about security. On all payment transactions, we employed respectable PayDollar to provide our payment gateway services. For security reasons, PayDollar uses the latest and most advanced technologies (including 128 BIT SSL and Verified by VISA / Securecode ) widely recognized in the financial service sector and are closely monitored by an independent Security Audit Group so that your personal information, transaction details and the whole process between the involved parties are protected against any risks.

Verified by VISA / Securecode are a security feature instituted by VISA International and MasterCard International to protect online and mobile purchasing. It enhances the existing credit card with an additional personal password to be used to authenticate a genuine cardholder purchasing online. When a credit cardholder of these shops online, he/she will be required to enter the password in the same way as entering a PIN at an ATM. That means only the cardholder can use that card.If you have any question concerning about PayDollar service¡Myou can visit the following hyperlink (http://www.paydollar.com/eng/pdecomm_faq_e.jsp#3) or you can send us an email at (info@miosenso.com)

For information about Verified by VISA (VBV) please check here Verified by VISA

mio senso builds a strong team with professional knowledge of craftsmanship, precious stones, and quality control. Each piece of your jewellery will be under strict quality checked before delivery, in order to make sure both appearance and functional features are satisfactory. Or, for any reason you aren't satisfied, just simply return the product to us within 14 days.

mio senso Local Delivery Service FREE!

mio senso is proud to offer free shipping on every order within Hong Kong. No matter how many and how much jewellery you purchase, door to door service will be arranged attentively.

Hong Kong Local
Courier Post
Hong Kong
1-3 working days

mio senso International Delivery Service

All overseas orders will be delivered by The Speedpost, the international courier service of the Hong Kong Post. Or, another shipping option of FedEx will be assigned, upon customer¡¦s special request.

Countries A HK$ 700
HK$ 120
HK$ 700
1-3 working days
The Speedpost Countries B HK$ 1000 HK$ 220 HK$ 1000 3-5 working days

Countries A HK$ 1200
HK$ 250
HK$ 1200
1-3 working days
FedEx Countries B HK$ 1600 HK$ 400 HK$ 1600 3-5 working days
*Countries A : Macau, China Mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea South
*Countries B : Australia, Canada, United Kingdom & Western Europe, United States
* For those countries that are not included above, please contact our Customer Service Department at

**China Mainland includes: Beijing, Fuzhou, Guangdong Province, HangZhou, Kumming, Shanghai, Tianjin,
   Wenzhon, Xianmen

**Western Europe includes: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faeroe Island, Finland, France,
  Germany, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands,
  Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City

**Estimated shipping times for certain cities/ postal codes may be longer exceptionally, pls check
  with the specific courier service for details

**Delivery standard excluding the time for clearance

**Various of countries, duties, taxes or VAT (value- added tax) may be levied. Please check with your
  local customs for details. This charge will be billed to recipient.

**Your order will be shipped to you fully insured. We urge all customers to inspect your package for
   damage or tampering before receiving or signing for receipt.

***To check with the estimated shipping time for certain cities/ postal codes, please click:
     Speedpost.com    Fedex.com

***To check with the current location of your parcel, please click:
     Speedpost.com    Fedex.com

mio senso 14-day return policy gives you plenty of time to consider the purchase, to ensure you made the right decision.
If for any reason you aren't satisfied, you can return any item without custom engraving, in its original condition with the mylar label intact and within 14 days of the date of shipment for a refund or an exchange. It's that simple. Please read our return policy at here. If you have any questions about our return procedure, please don't hesitate to contact us at returns@miosenso.com

mio senso is design-oriented, not only in product
but also in the packaging of your purchase.
Each of your products will be packed with attractive and fashionable gift box, with strong protective features which maintain a good and safe condition during the delivery.
  mio senso cares each of your purchase, in which you may want to have some greetings and lovely messages being sent with, especially in the great seasons.

A special gift card printed with wonderful message is prepared for you. Just simply gives us the sender¡¦s and recipient¡¦s name during your purchase. Then, they will be printed on the gift card and send with the jewellery to your loved one¡¦s door.